New Features of Perf-V Creative Board Gigabit Ethernet Application

As an interconnection interface, Ethernet interface is widely used nowadays. Ethernet can be seen everywhere from home broadband to server data exchanges to industrial controls. In FPGA system, it is mainly used for high-speed and long-distance data transmission, such as LED large-screen display, monitoring system and so on.

On the Perf-V creative board, Ethernet modules can be connected using the high speed to 2.54mm expender. When Ethernet data needs to be sent, FPGA sends the data to PHY chip. After the PHY chip codes the data, the data is loaded to the network line through network transformer. Data is transferred to the receiver via the network. The data sent from the remote end is transmitted to the network transformer through the network cable, and the output of the network transformer is connected to PHY chip. After decoding the signal, the actual data is obtained, and then the data is transmitted to the FPGA chip. As shown in the figure, data transmission is carried out in the Ethernet experiment based on Perf-V creative board. The received characters are HELLO PERFXLAB issued by FPGA, and the actual measured transmission rate is 121*8 MHZ.

Pic 1 Pic 2